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ID Scan Integration

Driver’s License scanning hardware & software for rental businesses

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ID scan uploads into the integraRental rental software

Enhanced Driver's License Scanning & Storage

Capture driver’s license images with the integraRental mobile app and ID scanning hardware (sold separately). Artificial intelligence scans each collected image and stores it securely inside your integraRental software. Access saved IDs at the rental agreement and customer profile views.

Customer Verification

View IDs at customer selection and improve your customer verification.

AI-Powered Scanning

Utilize AI technology to scan IDs that are stored securely within integraRental.


Improve your yard experience and collect even more pre-rental info.


Take and upload ID images on-the-go with the integraRental mobile app.

Empower Your Customers

Give your customers the power and freedom to upload their IDs online, at any time, through both Pay & Sign and eRental checkout. Save time and streamline the rental and checkout processes.

Screenshot of the IDScan integration in integraRental
Screenshot of the IDScan integration in integraRental

AI-Powered Customer Verification

IDs that you or your customers have scanned and uploaded are examined by AI technology then stored securely within integraRental. Double check you’re renting to who your customer says they are and ensure your equipment is in the right hands.

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