One of the biggest requirements for a software when I was looking was price. There were a few that were in the same range as integraRental, but being able to do the billing by myself is making it to where I don’t have to have as many people on staff to do as many jobs. I can do billing and everything at the same time.

Zak Wampler

Operations Manager, We Rent It

integraRental was great because I didn’t have to learn a new accounting program. When I change something in integraRental, it syncs just like that to QuickBooks. It’s super easy to balance the check book.

Beth Crawford

Co-owner, Crawford Equipment

[integraRental] packages together into a very efficient system. That lets us, at a glance, track our equipment, answer [customers’] questions…and better utilize our equipment.

Dennis Limberg

Owner, Eagle Rentals

Sandblast Solutions, Inc.

"Looking for a solution to streamline our process, we decided to move forward with integraRental. It has been game changing for our business to track our current rentals, business transactions and integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. The team at integraSoft is nothing but professional and very responsive to all our inquires. I highly recommend anyone looking to get away from a manual process to contact integraSoft to help streamline your process.”
KJ Mazurek
Director of Operations

Business Partners

integraRental’s business relationships help customers grow their business and improve their margins. There are two types of partnerships:  Integration Partners and Value-Added Partners. Current partners include leading technology vendors,  accounting software professionals and professional services organizations. To learn more about our partnerships or to become a partner, contact integraRental at sales@integrasoft.com.

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