One of the biggest requirements for a software when I was looking was price. There were a few that were in the same range as integraRental, but being able to do the billing by myself is making it to where I don’t have to have as many people on staff to do as many jobs. I can do billing and everything at the same time.
Zak Wampler
Operations Manager, We Rent It
integraRental was great because I didn’t have to learn a new accounting program. When I change something in integraRental, it syncs just like that to QuickBooks. It’s super easy to balance the check book.
Beth Crawford
Co-owner, Crawford Equipment
[integraRental] packages together into a very efficient system. That lets us, at a glance, track our equipment, answer [customers’] questions…and better utilize our equipment.
Dennis Limberg
Owner, Eagle Rentals
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