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Avalara: Tax Compliance Software

Automated tax compliance software to help rental businesses reduce costs and improve accuracy

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Tax Compliance Made Easy

integraRental has partnered with Avalara, the leader in sales tax management software for rental companies. Avalara automatically completes sales tax calculations in minutes, eliminating the opportunity for errors. Process full transactions in a single, unified system and put your sales tax management on autopilot. Seamlessly report and file accurate sales tax and ensure your books are accurate in the case of an audit. Simplify your tax management efforts and contact our team for a demo of our rental software.


Get more accurate rates with geolocation and product classification.

Returns Filing & Remittance

Automate returns and remit taxes to multiple jurisdictions with a single playment.

Sales Tax Registration

Automatically track sales. Register in multiple jurisdictions with one form.

Certificate Management

Collect, store, and access exemption and compliance documents.

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Tax Challenges Facing Companies Today

Automated Tax Application and Reporting

Save time by eliminating the need to manually file and remit, enter data, and upload rate tables and tax information. We will accurately apply the correct tax rate for each customer, no matter their location. Automated returns preparation and filing. Remit taxes to multiple jurisdictions with a single payment with the Avalara integration in our rental software. 

Accurate Records with Avalara

Avalara Tax Compliance software enables you to automatically track your sales and register in multiple jurisdictions with just one form. 24/7 access to sales tax history and reports ensures you have the info you need, when you need it.

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