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eRental: Accept Reservation Requests Online

Our rental software gives your customers the ability to view actual availability and real-time pricing to reserve rental equipment through an online store that directly integrates with integraRental

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eRental: Your eCommerce Solution

Gone are the days of fielding calls about pricing and availability – now customers can request reservations from the comfort of their home or office. Showcase descriptions, specifications, photos, and more, turning your website into a 24/7 salesman and streamlining your customer’s rental experience.

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Real Time Rental Rates & Availability

Display rental rates that can be changed through integraRental whenever needed. Photos with descriptions make it easy for customers to browse your rental equipment and check equipment availability With Rouse Analytics, receive benchmark pricing data, updated daily to help you keep your prices competitive.

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List Used Equipment for Sale

Highlight used equipment that you have listed for sale. Highlight specifications, photos displaying condition, estimated price, user manuals, and more all prominently displayed online for potential buyers through our eRental online rental software system.

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Monitor showing rental product page
Monitor showing used equipment sales product page

Online Rental Reservation Process

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Rental Software for Multiple Locations

Customer Login through My Account

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eRental Product Page for Online Rentals

Our online rental reservation platform gives you complete control over how you present your equipment and party rentals online. You can upload pictures, descriptions, link to spec sheets and brochures, embed videos, input SEO meta data, and more. Many fields are completely customizable giving you the ability to make your product pages shine and encourage self-service options for your customers.

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1. Left Description

Write custom information that matters to your customers when they are looking at renting from you online.

2. Related Products

Easily showcase similar products or assets in case the current one is unavailable for the desired time frame.

3. Product Page Title

Title is imported from your integraRental database and is customizable.

4. Integrated Pricing

Pricing is updated based on the rates set up in integraRental automatically with a full site publish.

5. Integrated Availability Check

Customer selects dates to add to the online reservation request and the software checks integraRental if the equipment is available and returns estimated pricing and availability status.

6. Optional/Required Add Ons

Offer required or optional add-ons like chains, trailers, and more to streamline your customer’s experience.

7. Main Description

Rich-text/html editor allows you to put specs, links, videos, product information and more.

8. Page Tabs

Use the Rich-text/html editor to create custom links, embed videos, and more.

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eRental Services & Training

Want the Details on eRental?

Website Design to Grow Your Business

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Our web designers can redesign your existing website or build you a brand new one.

Achieve higher visibility for your business on search engines and present a clean and professional first impression to new customers.

eRental is built into your website where product pricing and availability are updated automatically when you make changes within the integraRental software.

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Digital Experiences SEO & Digital Marketing

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