Rental Management System for QuickBooks

Increase profitability and lower operating costs of your rental business with our
integraRental Asset Management Software. Integration with integraERP ensures
accurate billing and financials, utilizing a single customer data base.

Feature rich, flexible and easy to use, integraRental puts the necessary information at your fingertips to conveniently reserve, track, schedule and maintain assets across
multiple locations. A 28 day view feature gives you the tools to manage assets in
real- time. Ability to add E-Commerce features with the eRental add on.

integaRental software on multiple devices



Dev System

Manage multiple locations, set rates with flexible time frames, define unlimited attributes, track metered hour usage and fuel types/rates to automatically calculate overages at check-in.  Includes the ability to define rules for damage waivers and deposits by asset.

integraRental is partnered with CenPOS  to integrate electric payment solutions across our entire integraSuite product line.  This integration allows you to get paid faster, centralize payment solutions, reduce collection activities and lower payment processing fees.

Manage your work site details and contact information to avoid time and equipment loss.  Track your pick-up/delivery fleet using daily dashboards.  View driving directions with Google Maps integration.  Define delivery zones for auto-calculation of pick-up/delivery fees.

integraRental’s online E-commerce store makes it possible to display real-time availability/rates of rental fleet online, submit reserve requests online, and offer retail/consumable to the business online customer base.  Ability to sell used equipment with specific pricing and descriptions.

Eagle Rentals eRental Page

Place returning assets into maintenance mode directly from check-in screen. Use service tracking and schedule preventative maintenance based on your timing needs.

integraRental now fully integrates with RoviTracker to provide rental businesses the tools track any make/model of rental equipment.  Better visibility on rental assets provides a business with vital metrics to make decisions.  Track delivery drivers to improve accountability and route efficiency and the ability to maximize route efficiency.


Integration with QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, and integraRental.

Expanded account and inventory managed interfaced in real time with integraRental.

Custom Integration

Flexible options to easily integrate with any accounting to take full advantage of integraRental’s features.

Business Partners

integraRental’s business relationships help customers grow their business and improve their margins. There are two types of partnerships:  Integration Partners and Value-Added Partners. Current partners include leading technology vendors,  accounting software professionals and professional services organizations. To learn more about our partnerships or to become a partner, contact integraRental at

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