Dispatch Management

Optimize dispatch management with top-of-the-line utilities.

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Modern Dispatch Management

Manage your worksite details and contact information to avoid time and equipment loss. Track your pick-up and delivery fleets using integraRental daily dispatch dashboard. View schedules to set delivery and pickup expectations with customers. Access driving directions with Google Maps integration. Define delivery zones for auto-calculation of pick-up/delivery fees.

Delivery and Pickup

Capture jobsite information and detailed notes to support delivery and pickup operations. Filter and display all equipment that needs to be prepped, delivered, picked up or replaced, any day of the week.

Assign delivery resources and create resource-specific task lists. Add details, notes, and review scheduled dispatch activity to set a date/time for delivery of assets.

Google Maps Integration for the Modern Rental Business

Building Your Business

integraRental has been helping rental companies across the nation build better business since 1972. Developing and streamlining software that drives efficiency and profit is in our blood and we're excited to travel that path with you. integraRental is proud to have customers who have been with us for 20+ years and we're constantly doing what we can to develop other business relationships - with you and other rental establishments like you. Contact us today and let's start building your business with integraRental.

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