Dispatch Management

Manage your work site details and contact information to avoid time and
equipment loss. Track your pick-up/delivery fleet using integraRental daily
dispatch dashboard. View schedules to set delivery and pickup expectations
with customers. View driving directions with Google Maps integration. Define
delivery zones for auto calculation of pick-up/delivery fees

Delivery and Pickup

  • Capture job site information and detailed notes to support delivery and pickup operations
  • Filter and display lists of all equipment that needs to be prepped, delivered, picked up or replaced on any given day of the week
  • Assign Delivery resources and create resource specific task lists
  • Add additional detail, notes and review current scheduled dispatch activity to set a date/time for delivery and
    pickup up of rental items

Google Maps

  • Click to determine customer or job site location and get directions for delivery / pickup

Unlimited Delivery Zones

  • Establish pickup and delivery rates by zip code based on a relationship to any of your locations¬†
  • You can assign different service fees associated with each pickup and delivery zone to support accounting requirements such as departmentalization

Sell More

Lower Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Errors

Gat Paid Faster