Rental Asset Management

Increase profitability and lower operating costs of your company’s rental
business with our integrated rental asset management software, integraRental.
Feature rich, flexible and easy to use, integraRental puts the necessary
information at your fingertips to conveniently reserve, track, schedule, and
maintain assets across multiple locations! The 28 day view gives you a
snapshot of what’s rented, when it’s returning and its profitability, giving you
the tools to manage assets in real-time. Integration with our ERP suite of
software solutions ensures accurate billing, financials and utilizes a single
customer data base.

Optimize Costs with Scheduled Maintenance

  • Preventative maintenance extends the life of each piece of rental equipment allowing maximum rental time!
  • A pro-active approach to maintenance can reduce the number of assets needed in your rental fleet.
Rental Software Equipment Rental Software

Get Paid Faster with Integrated Billing

  • integraRental integrates with QuickBooks for integraERP for billing, customer information, parts inventory, products and billing codes allowing a whole business view including financials, revenues and general ledger.
  • Interim rental billing allows you to bill for the month once the weekly charges exceed or equal monthly rate.

Grow Revenue with Rental
Availability Management

  • 28 Day availability and hourly view allows for quick assessment of every item in the rental inventory.
  • Maximize the rental longevity of each asset by using up to date rental and maintenance information.
  • System generated overages are correctly charged to the customer at check-in.

Reduce Errors at Check-out/Check-in

  • Unlimited customizable asset attributes for check-out/check-in ensures assets are ready for next rental.
  • Meter usage and fuel charges automatically calculate overages at return.
  • Service ticket created at return enables assets will be repaired & returned to rental fleet quickly.

Sell More

Lower Costs

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduce Errors

Get Paid Faster