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We Rent It

"One of the biggest requirements for a software when I was looking was price. There were a few that were in the same range as integraRental, but being able to do the billing by myself is making it to where I don’t have to have as many people on staff to do as many jobs. I can do billing and everything at the same time."
Zak Wampler
Operations Manager, We Rent It

“It is really valuable to have



in the hands of your delivery drivers.”

Crawford Equipment

"I'm used to not telling my customers no and when I asked other large software companies to make a change, which I thought was a very minor change, they couldn't pull it off. So when we found integraSoft, it's like dang, you guys actually work for us! We came up with something we needed changed and my goodness you [integraSoft] changed it!
Ben Crawford
Co-owner, Crawford Equipment

Eagle Rentals

"By bringing in integraRental when we did, as our number of tickets per month increased, we actually better utilized our equipment, and what that meant for us in cost savings was a reduction in new equipment for the same amount of tickets."
Dennis Limberg
Owner, Eagle Rentals

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