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Bledsoe Rentals

"First of all, integraRental is a fantastic company to work with. A big difference from them to their competitors is they actually value and apply customers feedback to the software. The software itself has streamlined our business. Not only does it make our point of sale more efficient, but it has countless cutting-edge features that the competition just doesn't have. This company is aggressively focused on improving the software and bringing new features to the customers. The competition should watch out."
Adam Fouts
Owner, Bledsoe Rentals

“ bringing in integraRental when we did



per month”

Eagle Rentals

"By bringing in integraRental when we did, as our number of tickets per month increased, we actually better utilized our equipment, and what that meant for us in cost savings was a reduction in new equipment for the same amount of tickets."
Dennis Limberg
Owner, Eagle Rentals

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