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Ditch the Desk, Embrace Rental Mobile App Mobility

Running a successful rental business requires constant movement. You’re meeting clients, overseeing deliveries, and ensuring your equipment is in top condition. Being chained to a desk simply isn’t an option. That’s where the integraRental rental mobile app comes in – your key to equipment rental software functionality right at your fingertips.

The integraRental mobile app, designed specifically for rental businesses, empowers you with the flexibility to manage your operations from anywhere. Let’s explore how this ideal rental management software mobile app can transform your day-to-day experiences:

Full integraRental Functionality at Your Fingertips

Forget clunky interfaces and limited mobile access. The integraRental mobile app offers the complete rental software management experience on your phone or tablet. Here’s what you can achieve:

  • Create quotes, reservations, and rental agreements: Generate new business opportunities and close deals instantly, no matter your location.
  • View and edit existing agreements: Make adjustments to ongoing rentals, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • View dispatch activities: Track your team’s movements and deliveries in real-time, optimizing operational efficiency.

With this level of functionality, you can manage your entire rental management operation from the palm of your hand, eliminating the need to be glued to your computer.

Customer and Asset Management On-the-Go

The integraRental equipment rental software mobile app streamlines every aspect of customer and asset management:

  • Select any customer or asset: Quickly find specific customers or equipment, all with real-time availability displayed for informed decision-making.
  • View and edit reservations: Update reservation details, choose start and end dates, and ensure accurate booking information.
  • Scan and upload driver’s licenses: Capture ID information securely with your phone’s camera, saving time and minimizing paperwork. (ID Scan add-on required)

This comprehensive rental management system, featuring QuickBooks integration, empowers you to stay organized and ensure every rental transaction is handled efficiently, regardless of your location.

Highly-Detailed Record Keeping

This rental software mobile app from integraRental, seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks, goes beyond basic functionality:

  • View and edit reservation details: Review the specifics of each reservation, including products, services, and equipment involved.
  • Capture and attach condition photos to agreements: Document the state of your equipment at the beginning and end of each rental, providing a visual record for both you and your customer.
  • View and send PDFs: Easily access and share important documents like rental agreements, invoices, and customer profiles.

This level of detailed record keeping ensures clear communication with your customers and protects your business in unforeseen situations.

Start and Edit Rental Agreements from Anywhere

The integraRental rental equipment mobile app empowers you to manage your rental agreements, new or existing, directly from your mobile device:

  • Edit and start rental agreements: Make final adjustments, add products or services, and initiate rental agreements instantly.
  • Run credit cards and create invoices: Securely process payments on the go and generate invoices electronically, ensuring a seamless financial experience for your customers.

With these features, you can finalize the rental process quickly and efficiently, maximizing revenue opportunities and impressing your customers with a streamlined experience.

The integraRental mobile app is more than just a convenience – it’s a game-changing rental equipment software for busy rental business owners. Embrace the power of flexibility and take control of your operations from anywhere. Download the app today and experience the future of rental software mobile apps!

For a completely FREE, personalized demo, contact our sales team today at or at 563-332-5030.

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